VisioTerra open platform


Client-server system allowing to scan free data from the Web, to visualize them in 2D/3D in all browsers, to process them on the fly, to share and to export the selected data.

VtWeb is a free access platform at open to citizens, scientists, students...
A Data Processing Relay solution to offer, even at low Internet speed, the desired information on its area of interest and extracted from petabytes of data.
Designed globally to act locally:
  • a few clicks to view / process / share / export free data
  • access the big data of Earth observation satellites, weather and climate models, biogeophysical or socio-economic models
  • in 2D or 3D to visualize images, altimetric profiles or scalar values
  • near-real-time current and archive data to reconstruct and analyse changes
  • take advantage of VisioTerra's inventions
    • hyperlooks to share immediately with communities, build galleries, course materials, demonstrations...
    • animations of time series or multi-sensor views or differentiated treatments
    • POF ML (Processing On-the-Fly Macro-Language) scripts to invent and share processing


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