VisioTerra maintains cooperation with the industry, universities and research organizations :

Specialized in software development for EO data processing, GAEL Consultant has worked on a series of projects with VisioTerra since 2004. Today, VisioTerra is granted the right to upgrade and maintain the TELIMAGO software owned by GAEL Consultant.
Computer science, graphical interfaces and image processing courses are given by the staff of VisioTerra.
In collaboration with the « Geographic Information Sciences » department, VisioTerra supervises PhDs and DEA student.
Collaboration with the geology department.

Provides studies, training and design/integration of Earth observation platforms. VisioTerra and Afeos have worked together on various projects in Africa.

Regional Postgraduate School of Integrated Management of Tropical Forests and Lands. 

Georisk Afric
Company having participated in the MISBAR project.

African Aeronautics & Space Office of Sékou Ouédraogo.

VisioTerra is supported by :
VisioTerra is a member of various organizations such as :
the "French Association for Geographic Information" (AFIGEO),
the "Remote sensing and Photogrammetry French Society" (SFPT),
the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC),
the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain PESGB