Founded in May 2004, VisioTerra is an independant French company specialized in Science Consulting for Earth Observation
Our services

VisioTerra has set up high performance E.O tools. We mobilize scientific skills and expertise for petroleum exploration, weather forecast, observation of climate change impacts on earth and in many other fields which require satellite data (...)
References & Projects

VisioTerra carried out many projects through various partnerships.
Oil Exploration

VisioTerra provides you with offshore oil seepage studies by using a large amount of SAR images from Envisat ASAR, at least 50 radar image are used to cover each point of the area of interest. The studies have been realised by a team of (...)
Thematic classification

The land use and the land cover classification gives an overview of the population distribution pattern of a territory. This classification also shows the agricultural resources and the mining ressources. This processing is helpful for field (...)

VtWeb is a platform enabling users to easily browse free Earth observation data across the Web, display them in 2D/3D on classical navigators processing the data on-the-fly. Raw or processed images may also be exported in GeoTIFF or KML when the (...)

Radar Images

Humanitarian Aid


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Scientific consulting
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